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Volume 8 - Chapter 52

Chapter Fifty-two: Nostalgia

“What is that?” Qianxue front end slightly and could not help but ask. She was certain that this was an enormous beast much stronger than the soaring snake, and it was very large. It had a stunning amount of energy in its body.

“It is the Jie Fish.”

Ding Ning looked at her and knew that she may not understand even if she heard the name. He slowly explained, “In the ancient legends, this is an enormous dragon, half dragon, half fish. In many myths on the islands, it is the manifestation of the rain G.o.d. In some cultivation records, there are details. This is a special beast. When it is grown, it will be about seventy-five acres in area, and have a vast energy sea. Its strongest ability is being able to swallow all of the energies in an area. So even if it is a grandmaster who has reached the Mountain Moving Realm, if they face this beast, when they arrive, they will find that they cannot move much energy. When an infant, it is not very large, just about ten feet or so. It flies very fast and is very restless and active.”

Ding Ning did not hide anything, looking at her with clear eyes and said, “The reason I am familiar is because when Zheng Xiu first entered Changling, it was her steed.”

Zhangsun Qianxue reacted. “Rainbow fish?”

Ding Ning nodded. “When young, it does look like a five-colored fish. When it flies, rainbows form. So the people who saw it back then and did not know its name called it rainbow fish.”

“I really do not understand why she is such an idiot.” Zhangsun Qianxue could not help but get a bit angry. When she became angry, frost formed and danced in the air in front of her. “Back then, when she came to Changling on the rainbow fish, many talents fell in love with her. She quickly got on good terms with Ba Mountain Sword Field, and won against the three dynasties. She also got together with the strongest cultivator in the world. What can be more glorious than that? All the women in the world admired her, but then she turned to Yuanwu. Even if she became the highest person into Changling, in the eyes of ordinary women, I fear she had lost her glory.” Then, she said coldly, “How many women admire her now?”

“Back then, I did not understand, but now, I see clearly. A person like her never cared for what other people thought. She only sees status. She has to climb to a height that she can see but cannot reach. When she gets there and looks back, she will then think of the past.” Lin Zhujiu took a sip of wine and looked at the faint city in the mist. He said coolly, “Even this beast remembers past friends, and has more humanity than her.”

“Other than this Jie Fish, are there any other Jiaodong Commandery cultivators here?” Ding Ning asked Lin Zhujiu.

At this time, in his eyes, Lin Zhujiu was much older than decades ago. But thinking of the countless things they had done together, even if Lin Zhujiu did nothing right now, and just stood ther

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