Katie_Torres_3147 Magical ties
She is descendent of both a Wiccan and a shaman. Unaware of her powers she attracts both good and evil . He is a descendant of strong powerful shaman who can communicate with the spirits. Can he guide and teach her before she gets herself in trouble.
HaruWebNovel I Reincarnated as a Panda
Claudia is a girl who was accidentally killed by the God of Cylum. so the God of Cylum gave Her another chance to live in the world He created. and granted Claudia 5 powers and other powers as a bonus. so Claudia ventured the World of Cylum full of unknown dangers with the friends she made while on her journey for adventure and see how she became the world's strongest IF YOU LIKE THIS NOVEL...
I love her so much that I want to make her mine right now, but will she accept me? Allen is a human who had just finished her college and was moving to the countryside, what will she do when her mate comes finding her......will she accept him or not? wait for a supernatural romance....:)
Grieving_Noble Ravenous Exchange
Watch, as Leo being one of many God's Representatives, an Apostle, in a world called "God's Playground". As one of many System users placed into the world without most memory, as a Species of animal starting at the bottom of the immediate Hierarchy, all of which are different, who will stand on top? Will it be Leo? Can he ascend from being nothing more then a stepping stone's snack, or will...

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