Gamehotel One more day to live
In the year 2039 the world was filled with monsters and dungeons that appeared out of nowhere which pushed humans to the brink of extinction. 7 years later, the humans got up with their weapons trying to survive every day, risking their lives to live another day. But a young man stood out among those humans who stood up, that young man did not stand out because he was strong or quick or intelligent...
Nemesis_246582 Ultimate Imagination System
Ever since Nemesis was a kid he was bullied for his name, sending him into depression one day while he was out shopping for food and was killed after saving some kids after this for saving his kids god decides to reincarnate him into any world of his choice and with 5 wishes join Nemesis as he conquers the world he chooses and goes on to conquer the multiverses.
MartialZONGHE Heavenly Titan
Transcending the universe, a soul found itself in a unique world where celestial treasures, clans, sects, empires, worlds, martial spirits are real and led by powerful existanses and geniuses defying the sky. Follow her, she who will make this world tremble and put it in the greatest of Chaos.

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